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inspired by a trip to paris a few years ago, Chanteuse is a snappy earring salute to the dramatic song birds of yesteryear who graced cabarets, night clubs and cellar bistros.


who doesn’t like holiday sparkle? these earrings, in between glitzy and not-exactly-demure, each represents a stunning color choice, made more spectacular by how the light refracts through it.

Chakra Choices

Colorful reminders of the seven invisible energy centers of the body called ‘chakras’ -- wheels of subtle spinning bio-energetic activity – and how the conscious use of color can enhance our minds, bodies, and souls.

Cha Cha

think of hot sizzling Cuban nights, ricky ricardo leading his hot latin orchestra, while dancers caught up in the beat, use their cha cha bracelets like maracas. party. now.


Long a symbol of royalty, the fleur-de-lis (“flower of the lily”) signifies perfection, light and life, a perfect description of Glimmerdream’s white pearl & fleur de lis bracelets and complementing earrings.