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crystal quartz

crystal quartz

The power of clear quartz crystal, the 'mother of all stones,' with its 'electro-magnetic energy -- or 'geo-energetic' power, to use another term -- is well-known. Quartz's unique properties make it useful for accurate frequency controls, timers and filters in electronic circuits used in a variety of devices -- from communications equipment, computers and aerospace controls to consumer goods such as clocks / watches, television receivers and toys.

In fact, every gem has its own unique vibrational energy as well a time-honored tradition with regard to protecting as well as healing through 'fine-tuning' the body's unbalanced electrical system.

My purpose here is not to prove or disprove this ability but to a) pull together a compendium of traditional wisdom regarding a particular stone's alleged powers, and b) take that wisdom one step further. Paying heed to the old proverb, "God helps those who help themselves," I've provided links to a wide range of books and music that address the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical issues raised in each metaphysical narrative. To each of you, namaste.