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tourmalinated quartz - study in black & white

silver threads and black needles
While most varieties of transparent quartz are considered most valuable when they lack inclusions, some varieties are valued chiefly because of them.

tourmalinated quartz, close-up

Among these quartz varieties is tourmalinated quartz -- a clear to opaque form of crystal quartz with silver-y filaments and threads. Sometimes referred to as 'needles,' the threads are actually inclusions of dark green or black tourmaline, also known as schorl. While black tourmaline inclusions are the most common, green tourmaline inclusions give the tourmalinated quartz a decidedly green cast which is unmistakable.
The combination of deep black (or dark green) needles within translucent to opaque material -- each a unique pattern -- creates a perfect polarity of energies and a natural balance in whatever work is done with it.

symbolic attributes

energy receptive /yin
planet Pluto
element earth