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rutilated quartz - arrows of love

rutilated quartz, green garnet & pink tourmaline bracelet

compositionsilicon dioxide
name sourcequartz from the Saxon querklufterz, meaning "cross vein ore," and rutile from the Latin rutilus, meaning "red"
other accepted namesVenus's hair-stone or hair stone, sagenite, needle stone, sagenitic quartz
historical aliasesThetis's hair-stone, Venus's pencils, Fleches d'amour ("love arrows"), Cupid's net, and Cupid's arrow
color clear to milky quartz
color sourcetitanium oxide growing synonymously with quartz
significant sourcesFrance (Brittany), Kazakhstan, Norway and many other countries
MOH scale7
care and treatmentVery hard, quartz is hard to scratch -- but pieces of rutilated quartz may be somewhat rough to the touch if the rutile is exposed -- so watch for snags. Wash in warm soapy water or in ultrasonic jewelry cleaner.