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peruvian opal - the Andean aquamarine

pachamama's mineral
Relatively new to the North American gemstone scene, this common opal with its range of beautiful blue/green colors was considered sacred by the many cultures inhabiting pre-Hispanic Peru.

pachamama; artist, hrana janto

This was especially true of the native Inca -- because it came from their revered Pachamama (also known as Mama Pacha). To them she was all encompassing -- their goddess of fertility, good fortune, and nature -- and all that came out of the ground was sacred to her.
Assigned by nature the beautiful colors of skies and seas, Michael Gienger, author of Crystal Power, Crystal Healing, says Peruvian opal

"is considered to be the stone assigned to oceans, great distances and to the yearning for a (spiritual) home.... For many years in South America, it has been used as a magical stone for matters of the heart."