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peridot - emerald of the crusaders

pakistani peridot

peridot & labradorite necklace

compositionmagnesium iron silicate
name sourceinconclusive -- could be from the French word peritot, meaning "unclear" (due to the inclusions and cloudy nature of large stones); or from the Arabic faridat, meaning "gem"; or from a thirteenth century English word peridote
other accepted namesolivine, chrysolite
historical aliases"jewel of the sun" (Egyptian), chrysolite (Latin for "golden stone"), "topazion" (Greek), "topazius" (Roman), "the evening emerald" (Roman), "emerald of the Crusaders," "Pele's tears"
color near emerald green to the more common pale yellowish green
color sourcepresence of iron
significant sourcesChina, Pakistan, US (Arizona, Peridot Mesa, San Carlos Apache Reservation) and many other countries
MOH scale6.5 - 7
care and treatmentPeridot jewelry should get special care and handling. The stone is particularly susceptible to damage by acids so keep away from all harsh chemicals. Wash in warm soapy (non-detergent) water.