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moonstone - goddess power

moonstone (orthoclase)

moonstone & iolite necklace

compositionpotassium aluminum silicate
name sourcefrom its resemblance to the moon and its association with the Goddess from ancient times
other accepted namesadularia
historical aliasesselenites, astrions, asteria, or astriotes (meaning ("star-stones"); "good luck stone" (Asian), "national stone of Sri Lanka," "girasol," "fish-eye," "wolf's-eye," "Ceylonese opal," "water opal"
folkloric aliases"no tears" (Asian), "stone of love," "stone of wishes and intuition" (peach moonstone)
color soft milky white with grey and blue iridescence
color sourcethe reflection of light from the internal structure, made up of alternating layers of albite and orthoclase feldspar
significant sourcesMyanmar (Burma), Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
MOH scale6 - 6.5
care and treatmentWash in warm soapy water or clean in ultrasonic jewelry cleaner.