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labradorite - aurora borealis


labradorite & varigated apatite necklace

compositionsodium calcium aluminosilicate
name sourcelabradorite, from Labrador, Canada, where first discovered; spectrolite, in reference to the Finnish variety's spectrum of color
other accepted namesLabrador feldspar; black moonstone, rainbow moonstone
historical aliasesLabrador, pierre de Labrador, Labradorstein (Moravian), chatoyant, opaline and Labrador feldspar
folkloric aliases"firerock" and "firestone" (Inuit and Innu of Labrador)
color gray to smoky black with iridescence ranging from typical blues and violets through greens, yellows and oranges
color sourcefrom lamellar intergrowths inside the crystal
significant sourcesFinland, Labrador, Madagascar
MOH scale6 - 6.5
care and treatmentWash in warm soapy water or clean in ultrasonic jewelry cleaner.