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hessonite - foil of rahu

hessonite & red garnet necklace with hand-painted icon pendant

compositiona member of the garnet group, a calcium-aluminum silicate
name sourcefrom the Greek �sson meaning "inferior," in reference to its less hard and dense than other garnets
other accepted namesessonite, cinnamon stone, Kaneel stone, cinnamon garnet, cinnamite
historical aliases"the fingernails of Vala," "cinnamon stone of Ceylon"
folkloric aliases"stone of creativity"
color shades of transparent to semi-transparent brown and orange
color sourcemagnesium and iron inclusions
significant sourcesBrazil, India, Madagascar, Namibia, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, and US (California)
MOH scale7.25
care and treatmentWash in warm soapy water or clean in ultra sonic jewelry cleaner.