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hematite - stone of mars, death & war

grounding and protective

Known as the "stone of mental mastery," hematite is for the mind, helping with all mental tasks. Good for worriers, it provides grounding energy, promoting common sense and level headedness. Encouraging survival, hematite helps moves one towards a better living environment.
Activating the first (root) and fifth (throat) chakras, hematite forms a reflective shield around the wearer, letting negativity bounce off and returning it to the sender. However, if it is the wearers themselves who are the source of the negativity, it will be reflected back to them. That's why it's also called the "lesson stone" -- it teaches the aware to release and ground their own negativity.
On the physical side, hematite stimulates the absorption of iron in the small intestine and the formation of red blood corpuscles, improving the oxygen supply in the body -- a circumstance that also helps alleviate conditions such as headache and jet lag.
Hematite's grounding energy is used to draw out heat from feverish parts of the body and it is thought to benefit bronchitis sufferers.