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hematite - stone of mars, death & war

hematite nodule

aqua beryl and hematite choker

compositioncompact form of iron oxide
name sourcefrom the Greek haema, meaning "blood-like" from the fact that it leaves a blood (haimatos) red trace on porcelain, and the Greek ethite, meaning "to stop"
other accepted namesblack diamond, black pearl, Alaskan black diamond, haematite
historical aliasesbloodstone
folkloric aliases"the lesson stone," "the stone of mental mastery"
color steel or silver gray to black and red to brown in earthy forms - sometimes tarnished with iridescent colors when in a hydrated form (called turgite)
color sourceiron oxide
significant sourcesAustralia, Brazil, England, Mexico, and US (Lake Superior region)
MOH scale5.5 - 6.5
care and treatmentWash in warm soapy water or clean in ultra sonic jewelry cleaner.