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fire opal - quetza-litzle-pyolliti

mexican fire opal, rough

fire opal & peridot ear drops in 18K

compositionhydrous silica
name sourcefrom its range of fiery colors and its origin in volcanic rock
other accepted namescherry opal, Mexican fire opal, precious fire opal, girasol
historical aliasesquetza-litzle-pyolliti (Aztec)
folkloric aliases"stone of discovers and conquerors"
color hot yellows, oranges, and reds
significant sourcesstates of Queretaro and Jalisco, Mexico
MOH scale5.5 to 6.5
care and treatmentAs its origin (hydrous silica) suggests, fire opal, like all opal, has a high water content. As a result, it should be protected from heat and prolonged exposure to strong light, which could dry it out.