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coral - auspicious, sacred and endangered

corallium rubrum

mediterranean coral & pearl necklace

compositioncalcium carbonate or conchiolin
name sourcefrom the ancient Greek korallion
other accepted namescorallium rubrum (Latin), korallion and gorgeia (Greek), crveni koralj (Croatian), mungaa (Hindi), pravala (Sanskrit), il corallo rosso (Italian)
historical aliasesGorgeia
color white to reds and pinks
color sourcetrace amounts of carotene
significant sourcesMediterranean (Italy), Pacific Ocean off the coasts of Japan, China and Taiwan; off the west coast of Africa (Cape Verde Islands)
MOH scale3 - 3.5
care and treatmentBecause of coral's softness, it should be stored carefully to avoid scratches. Coral is also porous so it shouldn't come into contact with chemicals -- it can be cleaned with a moist soft cloth.