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chrysoprase - high 'prase' indeed...

photo courtesy of Alan Guisewite

chrysoprase, citrine & green leopard-spotted chalcedony necklace

compositionsilicon dioxide
name sourceGreek chryso, meaning "golden," and prase, meaning "leek"
other accepted namesAustralian jade or Australian Imperial jade, jadine
folkloric aliasesthe victory stone
color semitransparent to translucent apple to bottle green
color sourcenickel impurities
significant sourcesAustralia (Queensland), Austria, Brazil, Czech Republic, Poland, Russia (Urals), and US (California)
MOH scale6.5 - 7
care and treatmentClean in an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner or with warm, soapy water and a soft brush. Prolonged exposure to sun can fade chrysoprase's color because dehydration can occur, robbing the stones of their coloring agent, pimelite, a silicate.