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apatite - deceitful stone

blue apatite

boulder opal, apatite, & peridot choker

compositioncalcium phosphate
name sourcefrom the Greek word apate or apaptos, meaning "to deceive"
other accepted namesaugustite, asparagus stone (for a greenish-yellow Spanish version)
color typically blue but also pale yellow, green, purple, and teal
significant sourcesCanada (Ontario), East Africa, Germany, Mexico (Durango), Russia (Kola Peninsula), Spain and Sweden
MOH scale5
care and treatmentRelatively speaking, apatite is quite soft and therefore can scratch or even break, given the right amount of force -- it won't take a great deal of knocking about (one of the reasons that one seldom sees apatite set in rings). Clean with warm soapy water and store protected from sharp edges on other jewelry.