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amber - gold of the north

baltic amber

turquoise necklace with amber & turquoise cross

compositiona form of tree resin exuded as a protective mechanism against disease and insect infestation that has hardened and been preserved in the earth's crust over a period of millions of years
name sourcefrom the French ambre,which is from the Arabic anbar
other accepted namessea-stone (from the Finnish merikivi), succinite
historical aliases"the Jurassic Gem," lynx stone, "tears of the gods," "gold of the North," scoopstone, "sea gold," "hardened honey"
folkloric aliasesthe "hygienic stone," "the golden gem of the ages"
color predominant tones are yellows, but may extend to red, brown, blue and green
color sourcenatural color of hardened tree resin
significant sourcesthe Baltic, Dominican Republic
MOH scale2 to 2.5, but can vary from 1.5
care and treatmentVery soft, amber can be easily scratched. Store amber jewelry separately from your other jewelry, especially from post earrings and anything with sharp edges.