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emotion: warm (exciting)
gems: calcite, heliodor (yellow beryl), jasper, lemon quartz, lemon topaz, prehnite, yellow onyx, yellow sapphire, yellow turquoise
synonyms: citrus, lemon, mellow yellow, saffron, sunshine, yellow ocher
mellow yellow
Bold yellow -- the color of blonde ambition, the color of smart. color of the clear-headed, the quick-witted -- the color of those for whom the "light bulb goes on."
Cheery yellow. The color of daylight, Vitamin D, the color of health and vitality, the color of openness, of forgiveness, of full disclosure, the color of arms wide open welcoming the day. This yellow says with a grin, "make mine sunny side-up."
Bitter yellow, the color of gall, the color of jaundice, the color of eternal envy, jealousy and stinginess. This yellow of the yellow stripe, the yellow belly -- the color of cowardice, of deceit, the color of whimpered betrayal.
Soothing yellow, warmer of the soul, the color of wisdom, the color of luminosity and spontaneity, the color of divine wisdom, the color of God smiling.

more about yellow

A warm color akin to red, like red, yellow also has conflicting symbolism. On the one hand, yellow denotes happiness and joy. It is a cheerful cozy color that welcomes one like the rising sun, invoking positive feelings (although men can perceive yellow as a lighthearted, 'childish' color). A warming color, yellow is also associated with the flourishing of all living creatures.
But on the down-side, yellow is the traditional color of cowardice and deceit. Yellow and red both signal danger and venom in the animal kingdom. And, the artist Kandinsky warned that both the sour-tasting lemon and the shrill-singing canary -- neither of which he was fond, apparently -- are yellow.
Ancient Egyptians ascribed yellow to the female principle based on its gentleness, cheerfulness and sensuality -- Venus, the Roman goddess of love wore a yellow robe -- but the ancient Chinese associated yellow with power and domination.
The color yellow is also associated with the stimulation of mental energy. It is the color of intellect, wisdom and perception. In The Complete Book of Color, color therapist Suzy Chiazzari says of yellow:

"Yellow is bright, happy and stimulating. It is associated with intellect and the expression of thoughts. It improves memory, judgment and the capacity for decision-making. Yellow also promotes the assimilation of new ideas and the capacity for understanding varying points of view. Moreover, it seems that yellow helps people become more organized and to adopt an optimistic attitude....

"People who like to wear yellow are interesting and stimulating. They thrive on being active and taking up challenges. They search for happiness."