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emotion: neutral (unifying)
synonyms: ashen, charcoal, dove gray, gunmetal, iron gray, lead, mousy, oyster, pearl, pigeon gray, powder grey, sere, slate, taupe
graceful gray
Flat gray, prim and proper. Established standard of the conservative and conventional, the self-effacing and submissive. Sad gray, the color of gloom, doom, flat skies, no hope...endless days, longer nights...this vale of tears.
Sly silver...color of clarity or silver-tongued presenter of the insincere, the two-faced?
Lustrous silver, Luna's child, color of persistence and protection. Color of primal intuition. Luna energy, color of peace on earth.
Silver-gray. Emblem of the classy cool, of those who know -- of those who've been there, done that and bought the t-shirt...of those who still take joyous pleasure in the journey. Of those who can say, "bring it on, world. Give me your best shot...and right back, atcha." Fade to grin.

more about gray

An 'elegant neutral,' it could also be said of gray that it is a 'balanced' color -- a balance between black and white, good and evil. Although neutral, gray is often described in terms of 'cool' and 'conservative' -- a color that hovers on the periphery of our collective consciousness, seldom evoking any strong emotion or even thought. It's no wonder then that the color gray is sometimes associated with rationalism and control.
Although silver is a metal, it's also an aspect of gray; however it moves gray from the neutrality zone into the cool. Cool silver adds a bit of zing to gray -- while it can be earthy and natural, it can also be sleek and elegant. With its connection to cool Luna, silver represents a smooth fluidity and psychic gifts, as well as feminine spirituality and spiritual purity.
Dark charcoal grays carry with them some of the strength, sophistication and mystery of both silver and black but pick up none of black's more negative attributes. Like black, dark to medium gray can serve as a color of mourning as well as a color of formality, whereas lighter grays are considered similar to white, worn mostly in the summer.