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emotion: mixed (warm/cool)
synonyms: amethyst, aubergine, mauve, magenta, mulberry, plum, pomegranate, puce, royal, thistle, violet, wine
imperial purple
Royal purple, imperial color, fruit of the shell, ancient sacrifice, the color of kings, the color of grandeur, the color of mountained majesty. Regal purple, color of arresting sensuality and subtle erotica, color of mystery and magic, color of languid luxury. This purple uses the royal "we." This purple commands.
Spiritual purple, handmaiden of violet visions, the soul's desire. Pious purple, color of ecstasy and enlightenment, complex color of cerebral cortex and divine consciousness, color of healing and peace, passion and piety. This purple says, "feel the bliss."
Purple, conflicted child of spirit soul and passion's delight, the color of anarchism filled with laughter.

more about purple

Historically, purple has been known as the 'color of kings.' This is because the dye extracted from the shells of the Murex and Purpura was so extravagantly expensive only kings could afford it. As rare a color in nature now as then, a character in Alice Walker's The Color Purple says, "I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don't notice it."
A mixture of raucous red and relaxing blue, purple/violet -- the darkest color on the color wheel -- has a hint of both passionate energy and pious stability. Representing the body's spiritual center, purple/violet is the color of the seventh (crown) chakra, our connection -- our umbilical cord, so to speak -- between our higher selves and the divine. It is associated with wisdom, knowledge and the integration of our eternal selves with our physical selves.
Considered the most complex and mysterious of colors, purple's spirituality comes from its blue component while its subtle eroticism comes from its red. With both warm (red) and cool (blue) attributes, purple has the ability to calm or excite. (When red predominates it is called violet; when blue predominates, it's called hyacinth.)
In The Complete Book of Color Suzy Chiazzari says:

"...violet contributes to mental equilibrium. In addition, it is associated with a sense of the artistic, music, intuition and spirituality. It promotes sensitivity and compassion. People who wear violet are described as very sensitive and charitable."