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emotion: warm (exciting)
synonyms: blush, cotton candy, coral pink, flesh, fuchsia, hot pink, rose, ruby pink, salmon, shocking pink
passive pink
Sweet pink, color of rosebud baby girls and kitten noses. Pink, cotton-candy wild, the color of teenage cool, the color of Barbie's convertible, the color of a princess.
Pink, the color of na�vet�, the color of movie love, the color of watered-down passion. Pink blushes adorably, bats the baby-blues and murmurs softly, "Of course I'm yours." Fade to black.
Pink, the color of all yin and no yang, Pollyanna color of the putatively positive.
Peaceful pink, uncommon state of grace, color of contemplation, color of friendship, color of new beginnings. Pink, her gentle serene heart infused with compassion and love for the world, opens wide her arms and says "shelter here, all ye who seek comfort." Pink, loving all, finds the best in everyone.

more about pink

Because pink is a pastel, it's often perceived as a rather shy or timid color, and at its most negative extreme, it's perceived as passive. Studies have actually shown that large amounts of pink can create physical weakness in people. However, pink can lessen feelings of irritation and aggression, helping one to feel loved and protected. As pink gets closer to red (fuchsia) or intensifies in hue (shocking pink), it becomes more and more dynamic and less submissive.
The sweet side of red, pink is tender, romantic and charming. Pink represents charm, grace, innocence, refinement and unselfish love, giving one a feeling of gentle warmth and nurturing. People who prefer pink tend to be contemplative; they study and analyze the best way to go about something before taking action. As a result, they may appear slow, but are just being dutifully methodical.
Emotionally soothing and calming, pink is also youth and playfulness as well as na�vet�. Often seen as overly optimistic, 'pink people' view the world in such a positive light it can be dazzling -- or offputting to others. Somewhat shy, they would like to be more active but fear hasty actions which may be seen as misguided because they fear being judged unfairly by others.