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emotion: neutral (unifying)
synonyms: motley, multi-hued, pied, polychromous, variegated
marvelous multi
Multi-hues -- the color of nature audaciously displaying its effortless peon to untamed diversity, the color of evolution, the color of continual cycles of death and rebirth, the color of rejuvenation, color of the Age of Aquarius.
Rainbow hues, the color of magic, the color of hope, the color of a promise -- a pot of gold at every end. The color happiness and truth, the color of counter-culture and ageless culture; the color of Alcheringa, Eternal Dreamtime; the color of harlequin fantasies.
Multi-color -- the junction between dream and reality, what is and what will be.

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A mixture of many or all colors is a powerful combination as it brings together all the energies of each color present and each of the chakras represented by those colors. Multi-color also implies a capacity to calm and excite as well as unify -- all wrapped into one package.
Taking on many of the attributes of the rainbow, the term "multi-colored" can represent a bridge between heaven and earth, connecting the material world with the realm of the divine. It can also be seen as typifying harmony and beauty as well as respect for all the diversity of the human race.
In addition, the term "multi-colored" suggests an appreciation of nature which contains all colors as well as nature's cycle of continuing change with its rotating sequence of seasonal colors. People who are drawn to multi-hues tend to have a great appreciation for diversity of peoples and cultures. They are comfortable with and can embrace change and transition because they believe in the world of tomorrow.