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emotion: mixed (warm/cool)
synonyms: amethyst, lilac, light purple, mauve, orchid, plum, thistle
luminous lavender
Sweet genteel lavender, color of composed maiden aunts, crushed violets, pastel springs. The color of discretion and good breeding, of prudence and prim pursed lips. The color of refinement and gently scented hankies discreetly tucked away, this lavender says...not a word.
Lavender, warm and cool -- poetry and equilibrium. Soothing sister of change and transition, gentle balm to the soul, hue of tranquil spirituality, this lavender says "take comfort in my tender embrace."
Wicked lavender, sweet assault of the senses. Color of lusciously scented lilacs and languorous lovers' trysts. The color of shocking indulgence, drowsy dawns and mauve twilights, the deep pools of Elizabeth Taylor's amethyst eyes, this lavender offers a husky greeting: "you naughty creature, where have you been...?"

more about lavender

The color lavender evokes softness and mystery. While purple is the color of royalty, in modern times its lighter paler shade, lavender, has come to represent graceful enigmatic femininity -- an all grown up pink. However, while pink's promise is pixie-ish passivity, lavender's promise is latent sensuality.
Traditionally symbolizing mother-consciousness and mother love, lavender can also evoke comforting and nurturing feelings, as well as feelings of moodiness, nostalgia or vague memories of romance.
A time-honored favorite of debutantes and genteel ladies -- at least in English mystery novels -- lavender is a mixed color that has both warm and cool aspects. On the warm side, lavender invites intuition, psychic protection and spirituality, while its cool side suggests refinement, charm and elegance. Bridging both is a 'below-the-radar' sensuality predicting pleasures to come.