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emotion: neutral (unifying)
synonyms: alabaster, antique white, bone, chalk, cornsilk, cream, ghost white, linen, milk white, navajo white, off-white, old lace, opaline, paper, pearl, seashell, snow, whitewash
idyllic ivory
Ivory...the softer white, the warmer white, the color of purity. Ivory, the color of translucent porcelains, creamy silks and silky creams. Ivory, the color of cowries and calm. Pure to the bone, purity that floats, pearl-essence, the Venus shell.
The Ivory Coast, the color of desert palaces and ancient elephant tusks, exotic sister to silver and gold, apes and baboons, spectacular spices from afar. Pleasing-to-the-eye, milky opalescence. Ivory.
Relaxed, serene, in a tower of its own making, ivory's throaty whisper of understated elegance purrs softly, "I offer peace and tranquility to all who abide here -- come." This ivory is one classy lassy.

more about ivory

One of the richest tones in the color palette, neutral ivory could be a beige -- with all of beige's implied baggage -- if it didn't have just a lively light luster supplying a soft subtle glow that separates it completely from its darker cousins. Richer and warmer than white, ivory signifies superiority. It also shares white's association with purity -- which can be interpreted as 'slightly tainted purity' -- or an earthier warmer purity that resides at the level of mortals.
Providing a calming effect, the color ivory promotes an ambience of hushed tones and understated relaxed elegance. Adding to ivory's association with luxury, natural pearls, one of the richest extravagances on earth, are often ivory. Ivory paired with a deep yellow gold like 18K is a particularly rich look.