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emotion: mixed (warm/cool)
synonyms: aquamarine, beryl, chartreuse, aquamarine, beryl, chartreuse, emerald, fir, forest, granny-smith, grass, jade, kelly, leaf, lime, mint, moss, olive, pea, peridot, pine, spring, sage, sea green, seafoam, verdigris, viridian
grounded green
Green...sad hue, locked in ancient metaphor, color of triviality, the color of envy, the color of callous greed, the color of money. A mad green, insecure, malicious green-eyed monster -- this green glares, snarls, bares its teeth and says, "back off, sister."
A different green, redeemed, the color of compassion, forgiveness...the color of compromise, the color of unconditional love. A green that transcends the mind and aims straight for the heart...
Another green, richly verdant -- lush pagan ode to the 'bright sacred fires' of Beltane, holiday of union, Goddess and god, whispered secrets of the sensual. Rich green that emanates from earth's harmonic balance, most precious green that smacks of fertility, abundance, nature's bounty, growth, renewal, resurrection, life everlasting. This green that whirls her ample fruited skirt and says "come to me, my children, I have plenty for all."

more about green

As opposed to 'lofty' blue, green is 'down-to-earth.' Situated at the half-way point between warm and cool colors. green is the color of the fourth (heart) chakra -- the center of the chakra system -- connecting the three lower physical and emotional chakras with the three higher mental and spiritual chakras. Representing the heart, green symbolizes emotional empowerment -- unconditional love for self and others, forgiveness, compassion, balance, health, harmony and stability.
Green is produced by mixing blue and yellow, thereby combining the spiritual aspect of blue and the emotional warmth of yellow, both of which bring about growth and wisdom. The color of life, green represents seasonal renewal and the triumph of spring over cold winter, and thus, hope and immortality. In ancient alchemy, transparent green crystal symbolized the "secret fire" which represented the living spirit of substances.
While the color green is associated with envy and jealousy and the inexperienced, it also relaxes, soothing and calming the nerves as it helps reduce muscular tension. In The Complete Book of Color , Suzy Chiazzari says:

"Those who dress in green tend to be careful, inclined to observe rather than act. They also display a humanitarian spirit, enjoy helping others and tend to notice details that others simply overlook."