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emotion: warm (exciting)
synonyms: autumn gold, bronze, copper, goldenrod, honey, sun-colored, topaz, yellow gold
grand gold
Gold, the color of ripe harvest, the color of sun-warmed sensuality; the color of summer and lazy front-porch marmalade mornings. The color of the dawn of time and also its autumn. The color of maturity.
Ah gold...the color of wealth, the color of prestige, the color of the good life, extravagance, excellence, the best of the best, the color of attainment. Gold -- the color of superiority, the color of those who can do no wrong.
Gold -- the glory of ancient cultures -- Byzantine magnificence, Etruscan treasure, Incan glory, splendor of the nomad hordes, Scythian and Sarmatian.
Gold, the color of adventure, the color of dreams, the color of El Dorado, the Seven Cities of Cibola and King Soloman's Mines, the alchemist's ultimate miracle, the color of A gold that fetchingly whispers to all who will listen, "have I got a deal for you..."
The rarest gold, the gold of consciousness, the color of eloquence and persuasion, the color of illumination and divine wisdom, the color of immortality. This gold -- the color of personal power, strength, self-worth, transformation, fourth chakra naval-of-the-world gold, the color of wisdom and grace. Amen.

more about gold

Gold shares many of the attributes of yellow. It is a warm color that can be both bright and cheerful, suggesting great warmth as well as ripe harvest and the good life -- while all that glitters is not gold, the color gold still suggests grandeur and riches -- but it can also be somber, traditional and distancing.
Associated with good health, in her bestselling book The Complete Book of Color, color therapist Suzy Chiazzari's says:

"Gold is an overall healing connects to the light of the higher spirit, restructuring the spiritual layers of the aura, protecting and charging the energy field with prana (life force)."

As the color of the third (solar plexus) chakra -- located midway between the naval and the heart -- golden yellow symbolizes the personality or "ego." This chakra is the body's center of 'life giving vitality' and it is from here that one's emotional energy radiates. Golden yellow then represents one's personal power -- the ease with which one can be 'in his/her skin' -- one's ability to exhibit strength, self-confidence and self-worth, to respect themselves and others.
About those who appreciate golden shades, Chiazzari goes on to say:

"Like yellow, gold is associated with the sun and is therefore related to abundance and power, higher ideals, wisdom, and understanding. It is mentally revitalizing, energizing, and inspiring, and helpful for fear, uncertainty, and lack of interest. Pale gold is excellent for depression and sharpens the mind."