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emotion: neutral (unifying)
synonyms: auburn, bronze, brunette, chestnut, chocolate, cinnamon, cocoa, coffee, copper, ginger, hazel, mahogany, nut-brown, ochre, puce, russet, sable, sienna, snuff-colored, tan, tawny, terra-cotta, toast, umber
abundant brown
Brown is a chameleon. It's the home of the conventional and orderly, the reliable, the famously functional -- think orthopedically correct shoes -- brown is dependable, the color of endurance...dull, dreary, monotonous...boring.
But brown is also steadfast, simple, friendly, dependable -- like an old friend, brown says, "come on in and sit a or tea?" Brown is the fertile sweet-smelling soil that sustains us, warm wood; the color of life, earth, hearth and home, the color of comfort and chocolate...
And then, slyly waiting in the wings, is another brown, the brown of mad monkeys, mocking us with their jungle joie de vivre. This brown romps across the rosette patterned coat of a leopard, proclaiming boldly, "look at me, fashionistas! I'm wild, I'm wicked, I'm waiting to jazz up your life -- if you dare...(only please make it synthetic)."

more about brown

The "down-to-earth" color, the color of earth, brown is abundant in nature. Representing earthiness and wholesomeness, brown is usually considered a little on the dull side. Brown has also come to represent steadfastness, simplicity, honesty, friendliness, dependability and warmth, attributes we would be hard-pressed to live without.
People who prefer browns epitomize brown's 'down-to-earth' quality. They tend to have a steady, reliable character with a keen sense of duty and responsibility and a subtle sense of humor. Browns love simplicity, comfort, quality, harmony, hearth and home, and make loyal friends. On the downside, they can be strongly opinionated and intolerant of others who think, talk, or act differently.
A color sometimes described as "sad and wistful," men are more apt to say brown is one of their favorite colors than are women. Although found in nature year-round, brown is often considered a fall / winter color. More casual than black, brown is sometimes called "the other black" -- but try as it may, brown will never achieve quite the mystery or "badness" of black.