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emotion: neutral (unifying)
synonyms: beige, biscuit, buff, camel, cream, ecru, mushroom, oatmeal, pearl, sand, tan, taupe
boring or beckoning?
Beige...poor relation of ivory and cream...the color of resignation, the color of your grandmother's support hose, cheap filing cabinets, dry dust, drearily dingy drabness. Beige -- flagship color of the boringly in-the-box bland, the uninspired, the expired. Beige gets no respect, beige takes a licking and keeps on ticking...
Beige...the color of the universe, dusky dry Southwest deserts teaming with hidden life, warm sun on adobe, dried grasses, wet clay awaiting the enchanted potter's touch. Stone.
Beige, the color of a new moon, the color of comfort. A beckoning old friend, beige throws out its warm blanket of greeting and says, "welcome, my child, you are home."

more about beige

While on the one hand, beige represents the basics, the barest fundamentals with which one can get by, on the other hand those who like beige are very often warm individuals who appreciate quality, are carefully neutral in most situations, well-adjusted and practical.
Although beige is considered to be a calm neutral background color, it can be a bit of a chameleon. Whether paired with warm or cool colors, beige can take on attributes of the colors it accompanies. People who prefer beige with more brown tones may have many of the same characteristics as those who prefer brown but less intensely so. Creamy beiges and honey beiges take on a lot of yellow qualities, while rosy beiges take on pink characteristics.
Beige has a reputation as "dull and boring" -- but it needn't be so. When used as a background color or accent, beige can add comfort and an air of relaxation. Used as the primary color, beige mixes especially well with touches of warm color like coral-y oranges and pinks. And, when used monochromatically, beige can pull off a rich, 'old money' look, especially when combining the same shade in various textures.