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emotion: cool (calming)
synonyms: aqua, aquamarine, blue-green, teal, ultramarine
awesome aqua, transcendent turquoise
Transformational turquoise, blue-green-blue, Aquarian shape-changer, color of regeneration and supernatural possibility, color of imagination...color of the mind's eye, the color of a soaring sky.
Translucent aqua, green-blue-green, color of equatorial seas, bounded birthing pools of life. Color of purity and calm, color of cleansing, the color of being.
Sacred turquoise, ancient color of spiritual attunement, color of purifying protection, healer of souls. Bless-ed turquoise, inner teacher, benevolent guide through the unknown, melder of heavenly energies and Mother Earth consciousness. Sanctified turquoise, the color of meditation, the color of peace of mind...the color of "om."

more about aqua & turquoise

These calming colors are a lively bundle of imagination, sensitivity, sparkle and transformation. A mix of blue and green, lighter aqua shades have a satisfying feminine ambiance (but without its negative connotation of passivity), while the darker turquoise shades such as teal can add a spirited sense of sophistication to one's look and mood.
An auspicious color with an ancient as well as a youthful energy, aqua/turquoise is the color of the fifth (throat chakra), the body's center of communication and inspiration. Thus, it represents the positive, the possibility of new prospects and opportunities as well as the ability to reach goals. In her book The Complete Book of Color , Suzy Chiazzari says:

"We associate blue-greens with the refreshing and cool ocean. It is therefore invigorating, cooling, and calming. Like green, turquoise is good for mental strain and tiredness or feeling washed-out. It is an elevating color that encourages us to make a sparkling fresh start. Turquoise is also helpful for feelings of loneliness, since it heightens communication, sensitivity, and creativity.