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custom orders:

If you've looked through the site and haven't found that perfectly glorious glimmerdream design for an upcoming event or to go with your favorite outfit, call (408-998-2598) or email Elle to discuss your needs. She loves to design for specific individuals, incorporating their energy and personality into the piece. Many of the spectacular pieces you see on the site are the result of a custom order that inspired a higher level of creativity.

custom boulder opal and aquamarine ankle bracelet


Pearls can be restrung, hand-knotted on silk or polyamid cord at a cost of $25 per strand.


Even though many pieces are designed with adjustable lengths, not every 'dream is going to fit every customer

too large: Most designs can be made smaller, but not all — so call or e-mail glimmerdream if you have a question about a particular part #.

too small: This can be slightly more problematic, Elle only creates small quantities of any given part #, often using up all components of the design in the process. However, it's always possible that she will have enough material on hand to make needed adjustments. Prices will be reconfigured to account for the additional components.